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Martin Aranovitch is a digital business educator, digital marketer, and online publisher. In addition to starting PositiveAudios.com to provide affordable text-to-speech services, Martin has helped many businesses grow online and has authored several books, guides and courses on using cost-effective digital technologies.

Text-To-Speech Benefits: Audio Web Content For Users With Visual Impairment, Reading Difficulties And Learning Disabilities

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Using text-to-speech to create realistic sounding audio web content is a cost-effective way to grow your web presence and reach new prospects and customers for your products, services, or worthy causes, especially for users with reading difficulties, visual impairments, or other learning disabilities ...

Text-To-Speech Beginners Course Teaches Businesses To Use AI Voice Narrations

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A groundbreaking text-to-speech course for beginners, businesses, schools, and digital marketers has launched teaching users how to create professional and realistic sounding voice narrations using the latest AI voice technologies ...